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Budget Formulation Analyst

Clearance: Top Secret Clearance with SCI Eligibility 

Job Location:  Onesite, Washington, D.C. FBI Headquarters 


The Business Formulation Analyst (BFA) will support the FBI Intelligence Branch, Strategic Intelligence Issues Group (SIIG). The BFA will provide organizational awareness and a standardized, intentional effort toward external policies of strategic importance to the FBI.  The responsibilities focus on creating resources to support a proactive, comprehensive effort to drive external policies of strategic importance to execute the FBI’s national security and law enforcement missions.

  • Serves as primary analyst to conduct review, analysis and consolidation of performance measures and budget formulation data calls that is needed to prepare the execution & presentation of budget requests presented to DOJ/ODNI & OMB.

  • Collaborates with NIP funded program entities across the FBI enterprise to coordinate and analyze corporate responses to ODNI and other IC entity inquiries.

  • Analyzes components submissions to ensure it is in sync with FBI’s request to DOJ/ODNI & OMB.

  • Assists Formulation Team lead in creating material to use in outreach sessions to all FBI NIP-funded components regarding NIP/Intelligence Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Evaluation (IPPBE) processes, upcoming data calls, expectations, etc.

  • Continuously provides guidance to our FBI NIP-funded partners on ODNI data calls.

  • Manages shared mailboxes by reviewing incoming requests and apply critical thinking to task accordingly by creating tasks in TMS and responding to emails as well as obtaining and releasing information within the scope of delegated authority.

  • Tracks status of taskings in the TMS systems, follows up with customers that have not submitted responses on time. Coordinates and liaises with IT department on TMS functionality and user experience issues, and works with IT to find solutions.

  • Provides training and guidance on TMS functionality as the designated primary POC for TMS within the formulation team.

  • Maintains trackers of all taskings assigned to the divisions.

  • Edits templates, guidelines, and updated processes for ODNI taskings and Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Must have five (5) years of experience developing business analytics qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes.

  • Must have five (5) years of experience as an expert with developing MS Excel and database management, reporting skills for large data sets, creating spreadsheets, and pivot tables, PowerPoint presentations, demonstrative graphics, SharePoint lists, and workflow tools.

  • Must have five (5) years of experience with business process analysis, requirements analysis, business process engineering, or statistical analysis.

  • Must have at least five (5) years of experience with data visualization tools including Palantir; Pivot Tables and Reporting; Advanced Excel Spreadsheets for database management; Analyst Notebook; Macros; Intel and LE Databases; and VBA.

  • Must have knowledge and experience in researching, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting existing or newly developed reports (data, dashboards, graphs and charts), guidelines, directives, and policies in order to obtain accurate and relevant information.

  • Must have expertise in requirements analysis, communications, and training support.

  • Must have critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Must be a highly motivated team player that works well independently and in team environments through collaboration, strong communication skills, and time management effectiveness.

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