Antiterrorism and Operations Security Specialist 

Clearance: Top Secret (TS)

Location: Fort Belvoir, Virginia

  • Assist with the planning, formulation, and coordination of all AT and PS policies, training, assessments for the Command's AT and PS Programs ensuring consistency with regulatory requirements from higher authorities.

  • Assist with communicating information about the Command's Antiterrorism and Physical Security policies in AT related committees, panels, and external forums.

  • Assist Subordinate Commands (SCs) and Contracting Centers (CCs) with the development of AT Programs to include training, planning, and resource programming. 

  • Assist in conducting AT and PS Program Assessments and ensure the AT survey and assessment process is fully integrated into the Command's Organization Inspection Program (OIP).

  • Compile, edit, and publish completed post-survey and assessment reports for dissemination.

  • Ensure AT Program Assessments are coordinated with the AT PM and posted the Core Vulnerabilities Assessment Management Program (CVAMP) community.

  • Provide assistance in the dissemination analysis of Protection, Law Enforcement, and Threat Information.

  • Review the development and management of the AT budget, to include submission of AT related Commander's Critical Information Requirement (CCIR) requirements.

  • Support the Command's Crisis Action Team (CAT).

  • Assist in the review and analysis of installation of PS plans and survey reports for compliance with existing policies and procedures to ensure that material is not comprised, sabotaged, or subject to theft or willful interference. 

  • Assist in researching and reviewing supporting AT and PS Operation Plans (OPLANs), Operation Orders (OPORDs), and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • Provide assistance to the Risk Management regarding new and major renovation projects, for construction projects, predesign, pre-construction, and renovation meetings. 


  • Must possess and maintain a valid Top Secret (TS) Security Clearance and must maintain eligibility for SCI Clearance throughout duration contact.

  • Must have a High School Diploma with a preference for an Associate Degree.

  • Must possess at least five (5) years of relevant work experience in Antiterrorism, Operational Security and Physical Security support services.

  • Preferably, served as an Antiterrorism Officer to an Army Command or larger (Government) agency or served as an Antiterrorism or Physical Security Specialist (Contractor) in the last five years.

  • Must have experience conducting Antiterrorism and OPSEC program management and training.

  • Must have experience conducting PS program management and inspections.

  • Must be competent in the operation of personal computers (PC), and Microsoft Office software applications including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and website/portal management as an operator.