Emergency Management  Specialist 

Number of Positions: 2

Clearance: Top Secret 

Location : Washington D.C.

* This position is contingent upon contract award *

job responsibilities

  • The central point of contact for all communications from United States Attorneys' offices related to emergency preparedness, planning, and response, including:

    • Reports of any activation ​of districts' Critical Incident Response Plan (CIRP), Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan, and Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP) for all USAO buildings

    • Monitoring all situation updates during emergencies

    • Testing communications systems and managing the day-to-day operations of the EOUSA/USAO Employee Notification System and the USAAlert mass notification tool

    • Maintaining electronic copies of the district emergency plans

    • Maintaining electronic copies of after-action reports (AAR) of any district exercise or actual district plan activation and sharing copies with other components as necessary 

  • The focal point for supporting activation of the EOUSA emergency plans, including:

    • Issuing emergency notifications to EOUSA personnel according to guidance from EOUSA leadership​

    • Issuing emergency notifications during Occupant Emergency Plan incidents using the USAAlert mass notification tool

    • Continuing these activities during an EOUSA continuity event 

  • Assist in developing EOUSA/USAO-wide policy standards and programs for emergency preparedness program planning and coordination. Drafted documentation shall be presented to SEMS management for review and revised in accordance with their provided comments and guidance 

  • Propose alterations to existing emergency management plans to reflect changes in law and policy and lessons learned from previous exercises and incidents 

  • Participate in the test, training, and exercise elements of the Continuity of Operations Program 

  • Continue to perform essential functions as set forth in the Continuity of Operations Plan in the event of a continuity  event 

  • Provide guidance on emergency management laws, regulations, standards, and best practices 

  • Conduct briefings, training classes,and presentations on other elements of emergency preparedness 

  • Develop and assist in the implementation of an Occupant Emergency Program and Plan for the building occupied by EOUSA and other DOJ components. Work with municipal and federal agencies for response coordination. Assist in planning and conducting Emergency-Management-related training, drills, and exercises for EOUSA and other occupant agency personnel, including American Red Cross or other certified first aid, automated external defibrillator, and CPR training

  • Keep informed of events or activities related to the likelihood of an emergency, especially those that could affect response efforts 

  • Assist in the coordination of responses to disasters and emergencies affecting EOUSA and USAO operations and personnel 

  • Disseminate course material and resources via Department website 

  • Take part in special projects and studies affecting the overall preparedness of EOUSA and the USAOs

Job requirements 

  • Bachelor's degree with 4 years of experience or if no bachelor's degree, 8 years of experience in emergency preparedness, homeland defense, and law enforcement 

  • Expertise providing input and design on policy. Strategic planning and project execution 

  • Expertise directing and controlling design and development, evaluation and control, and After Action Review and Improvement Plan Development 

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