FOIA Analyst 

Number of Positions : Fifty-Five (55)

Location : Winchester, VA; Savannah, GA, and Pocatello, ID 

Salary: TBD 

Clearance: Top Secret 


job overview

The primary functions of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts (FOIPA) Analyst include providing advice, assistance, guidance, research, and technical support by assisting with the Government Client's mission. Working independently with direction or in a team , Analyst personnel collect and analyze data from structured research and evaluation activities, thus contributing to presenting findings of research in report form. Duties may include, but not limited to analyzing complex problems, monitoring tasks, and reviewing schedules. 

job responsibilities 

  • Scan documents into pre-existing FOIPA electronic case folders.

  • Print and burn CDs for completed FOIPA documents to prepare for release to a requester. 

  • Analyze, categorize, and scan in incoming FOIPA requests.

  • Check the FOIPA Document Processing System (FDPS) for duplicate/preprocessed or reading rooms cases.

  • Contact other offices for search assistance and National Security Unite (NSU) vetting regarding responsive documentation as needed.

  • Research and review file(s) for classification, and sensitive and security issues.

  • Review files(s) for responsiveness, i.e., timeframe, specific subjects of multi subject file, specific projects assigned to the unit, litigations, and expedites.

  • Identify and close FOIPA cases when a FOIPA response is determined. 

  • Generate a "no record, " destroyed, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and a manual automation letter in response to the requester -OR- 

  • Backlog FOIPA cases for processing by FOIPA.

  • Prepare fee waiver correspondence and initial receipt correspondence, as applicable. 

  • Respond to and prepare Congressional correspondence and status letters, as required. 

  • Support the media processing function by preparing and covering media received in WPU.

  • Create and maintain clear and concise case notes in FDPS.

  • Identify classified National Security Information, Restricted or Formerly Restricted Data under the current EO.

  • Identify Title III, Grand Jury, Tax, and Asset/ Informant information.

  • Search appropriate databases for sources and informants to determine classification status.

  • Identify classified documents that originate from another U.S. government agency that will be tabbed for referral to the appropriate agency and complete the SF-715 form as necessary.

  • Provide a final product suitable for forwarding to the designated Reviewer(s) consistent with current Unit policy.

  • Process Other Government Agency (OGA) and Foreign Government documents and identify source information. 

  • Analyze FOIPA administrative case notes, searches, and request correspondence. 

  • Support the processing of FOIPA litigations.

  • Identify and apply appropriate processing approaches per RIDs SIPs and policies.

  • Conduct required internal, external, and system reviews of processed records. 

  • Advise requesters of assessable duplication fees and track payment responses.

  • Create and disseminate release of processed records in appropriate format (CD, Paper, e-FOIPA, or Vault).

  • Perform quality checks using Exempted Term Search (ETS).

job requirements 

  • Top Secret Clearance required. 

  • Bachelor's Degree or

  • Three (3) years of specialized work experience similar to those outlined in the Job Responsibilities.

  • Three (3) years of applicable military experience.

  • Three(3) years of direct FOIPA processing experience is recommended.

  • Must have performed two (2)- three (3) years of moderately complex analytical, administrative, research, and record keeping tasks.

  • Must have proficient computer skills, including that ability to navigate Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), Internet Browsers, and SharePoint.

  • Must have the capability of using complex records systems and computer applications.