International Protocol Consultant 

Number of Positions: Four (4)

Clearance: Top Secret 

Location : Washington, D.C.

Salary: Commensurate with Education and Experience 


job overview

The International Protocol Unit is responsible for  coordinating and facilitating official meetings between Government personnel and foreign national dignitaries at all levels to include the Director's Office, HQ personnel, 56 field offices and any Unit facility. IPU personnel routinely schedule and coordinate meetings between international representatives and senior level representatives and senior level representatives of the Government. IPU establishes and maintains relationships with local foreign embassy law enforcement and intelligence partners in order to serve as a conduit to promote information exchanges between the Government and foreign partners. The International Protocol Consultants will perform analytical, liaison, and protocol duties.

Job Responsibilities 

  • Review and analyze multiple meeting requests; determine and schedule suitable meetings based on the meeting topics and ranking level of the officials and ensure the goals and objectives of the meetings align with the priorities of the requester and the Government 

  • Organize, plan and prioritize meetings and events and asset with the Government's larger conference planning

  • Compile meeting agendas to disseminate to foreign partners and Government stakeholders

  • Analyze, interpret , and edit for grammatical and protocol errors, and coordinating briefing materials, supplied by the Government's operational unit, prior to dissemination 

  • Create and develop official Government documents to prepare senior level Government executives for meetings with foreign dignitaries, to be retained as official records with Government divisions 

  • Solicit Government and operational divisions for information related to the purpose and topics of discussions

  • Establish contacts and interact on a professional basis with the Government, external agency personnel, and local foreseen embassies to achieve a common goal 

  • Prepare and disseminate briefing materials for dissemination to the Director, Deputy Director, and Executive Assistant Director 

  • Track and account for all foreign visitors accessing any Government space maintaining an official records database of topics discussed and any actionable items, to be referenced further for future meetings 

  • Populate, review, edit, and finalize weekly engagement reports disseminated at all levels within the Department

  • Coordinate meetings and bilateral information exchanges; strengthen partnerships, and executive Department training delivered to foreign partners

  •  Develop and preset presentations and briefings to higher-level management and external entities outlining cross programmatic and country oversight

  • Write comprehensive electronic communications documenting the purpose of the meetings to include: the meeting topics and how the topics align with the Government's threat priorities; visiting delegation details for processing of clearances within the Security Division; and informing appropriate parties of granted access to the Government facility 

  • Perform administrative tasks related to protocol such as :

    • complete electronic communications for security

    • confirm Government presenters and agenda

    • escort foreign officials

    • enter and edit meeting details in appropriate database or SharePoint site

    • secure appropriate gifts for presentation, by the Department host, to the dignitary 

    • generating table tests for seating

    • securing and serving refreshments for the meeting(s) when appropriate

    • review Agency bios and classified briefing materials  

Job requirements 

  • Must possess a Bachelor's Degree in Business, International Relations, or English from an accredited institution 

  • Must have a minimum of five (5) years of Government experience in event planning, meeting coordination, or program management or minimum of three (3) years of experience as a protocol affairs specialist | special events coordinator in private industry 

  • Must be able to prioritize work assignments effectively and work at all levels of the Government Units to include the Director, heads of divisions, and field offices

  • Must be able to exhibit complex organizational skills

  • Must have the ability to multitask and complete multiple tastings within the required deadline  

  • Must be able to communicate professionally, in writing and orally , and able to effectively articulate the objectives and goals of the Government Division and policies related to foreign dignitaries 

  • Must be able to solve complex problems and provide recommendations and solutions to internal and external stakeholders; complementing Government, and mitigating negative impact of foreign relations abroad

  • Must have the experience applying principles, methods, or tools for developing scheduling, coordinating and managing projects and resources to support requests

  • Must be able to communicate at all levels with proficiency and superior professionalism both orally and in writing, to include the entire Government community, head of foreign agencies, and foreign embassy counterparts

  • Must have exhibited professionalism, by professionally representing the Government, business professional dress, and research and exhibiting cultural respect 

Desired qualifications

  • Preferred five (5) years as a Protocol Officer in the Government or Private Industry, with special event planning and large-scale conference coordination

  • Preferred Foreign Language education or experience 

  • Preferred Foreign Language Affairs experience