Concord Crossroads, LLC  seeks to give students real world professional experience through internships. Internships are available at the corporate office located in Dumfries, Virginia.



Candidates must be an undergraduate student in good academic standing. All interns at Concord Crossroads, LLC must be highly motivated and possess a strong sense of initiative.



C3R offers interns the opportunity to work either a part-time or full-time schedule. The majority of internships are offered during the summer. However, C3R does offer opportunities during regular semesters and semester breaks. Academic credit may be received if an agreement is made between the Human Resource Department and the intern’s college or university.


My internship experience helped me grow to new environments and people. I was very shy and closed off person before my internship- Virginia State University  Intern

Virginia State University  Students recommend C3R- VSU Internship to other students