Concord Crossroads is actively recruiting for the positions listed below. Our objective is to attract the best in the business and to keep you as a challenged and satisfied member of our growing team of experts.  Please feel free to apply immediately by completing the Screening form in its entirety and attaching your resume. 

Immediate Openings

My experience with Concord Crossroads has been extremely rewarding and my knowledge within USASOC G34 has grown tremendously - Rick Streeter

Washington, D.C.
Guantanamo Bay Naval Base 
Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI)

  * Contingent Upon Contract Award *

Savannah, GA; Pocatello, ID; Winchester, VA 

Winchester, VA

"If  the future provides an opportunity to work for Concord Crossroads, I would not hesitate to do so" - Past Employee Mr. C

Fort Belvoir, VA
Washington, D.C.  

"Thank you for the opportunity to enter in the field of contracting and working for an important has been an honor "

- Past Employee