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Law Enforcement SME Support
Training, Assessment and Compliance

Salary: Commensurate with education and experience 


  • Provide support to the MCLEP for the Provost Marshal Offices/ Marine Corps Police Department (PMO/MCPD) Assessments and Law Enforcement (LE) Inspector General Marine Corps (IGMC) Inspection Program.

  • Provide technical assistance for policy compliance evaluations, information systems support for computerized recording of assessment results, and administrative support as needed.

  • Provide support to the Lead LE Assessment and/or IGMC Inspector for pre and post logistic, data analysis and report writing.

  • Provide coordination and collection of data for the annual review of assessments and inspection questions.

  • Provide reports that include root analysis of issues identified and comparative analysis of all assessment and inspection results.

  • Coordinate with Data Housing and Report Tool (DHART) Data Manager to identify training and database problem areas and, develop Courses of Action (COAs) for the client to take action on.

  • Provide reports of training database issues identified.

  • Work with the Curriculum Developer to ensure that the LE Sustainment Library of Training materials are maintained, updated, relevant with current LE directives. 


  • Must have a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Criminology, Human Resources, or Management.

  • Must have ten (10) years of experience serving in the Marine Corps or DoD Law Enforcement, including serving at the grade or position of O-4, E-8, GS-12, or as Law Enforcement SME Project Manager.

  • Must have two (2) years of experience staffing or with an Action Officer level experience within DoD.

  • Must have knowledge and experience using Microsoft Office Suite, specifically Power Point, Excel, and Word.

  • Must have exceptional ability to communicate orally and in writing.

  • Must have the applicable certifications and specific training in the following : staffing officer experience; and/ or Policy Writing. 

  • Must have successfully  completed one of the following : DoD Post Level Law Enforcement Certification Training ( in accordance with DODI 5525.15) or any State/Federal Level Law Enforcement Certification Training Level Law Enforcement Certification or Training Preferred Skills/ Expertise : > 5 years' experience working in Human Resources, Civilian Workforce Recruiting, and/or Manpower within DoD; and/or DOD Level Staff Planning Course, DoD service level recruitment.

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