Logistician / Electronic Security Specialist 

Number of Positions : 1

Clearance: Top Secret/ SCI

Location : Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Job Overview

The Logistician| Electronic Security Specialist will provide solutions for governmental approval through the installation, maintenance, and administration of the Electronic Security Systems (ESS) to include Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), biometrics, access control systems (ACS), and closed circuit television (CCTV), IAW DoD and DNI policies and industry standards. The Logistician will be Lenel and Programmable Logic Controller Certified and must possess working knowledge and expertise with Wonderware software (i.e.rebooting the system, restarting services, etc). Provide oversight to purchasing, transportation, inventory, and warehousing functions on and surrounding the island of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Job Responsibilities 

  • Establish and implement methods for ESS Procure, Bench Stock and Accountability 

  • Conduct the installation of ESS devices compatible with current ESS infrastructure

  • Troubleshoot, repair, and replace inoperable ESS devices maintenance

  • Provide semi-annual testing of ESS devices

  • Coordinate with the Command Security Manager on new security system requirements, modifications, maintenance, and repairs

  • Establish a written Preventative Maintenance Procedures Plan

  • Manage a product's life cycle from design to disposal

  • Direct the allocation of materials, supplies, and products

  • Develop business relationships with suppliers and clients 

  • Understand clients' needs and how to meet them

  • Review logistical functions and identify areas for improvement 

  • Propose strategies to minimize the cost or time requirement to transport goods

  • Oversees all business and activity relating to store inventory control

  • Responsible for 100% accountability for controlled Hand Receipt Items valued at $750,000

  • Responsible for quarterly deliverable reporting of GFP inventory on hand

  • Maintain and updates records of store inventory

  • Orders supplies as necessary

  • Receives and checks in stock order for product accuracy and correct quantity count 

  • Responsible for storing all GFP appropriately

  • Reorganizes stock room to accommodate additional inventory 

  • Ensures that stockroom is well organized and that all stored items are accounted for

  • Reviews and analyzes maintenance reports and checks them against physical store inventory

Job Requirements 

  • Must possess a current Top Secret (TS) clearance based upon a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) completed within the past five (5) years, and shall also be determined eligible for access to Special Compartmented Information (SCI ) by the Central Adjudication Facility or other designated adjudication authority prior to arrival onsite

  • Must have a minimum of an Associate's degree

  • Must have a minimum of five(5) years of specialized experience in ESS and Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Must possess Lenel certification at the Lenel Certified Expert (LCE) level in each of the three (3) disciplines (Access Control, Intrusion, and Database) prior to arriving on location

  • Must have knowledge of Wonderware software (i.e.rebooting the system, restarting services, etc)

  • Must possess an Information Awareness (A)| Information Technology Certification at IAT Level II to include Security +, Computing Environment (CE), SQL database, and Microsoft server certifications required to perform server administration and maintenance tasks