Logistics and Official Travel Consultant 

Number of Positions: Four (4)

Location : Washington, D.C.

Clearance : Top Secret SCI

Salary: Commensurate with education and Experience 



The Logistics and Official Travel Unit ( LOTU) serves the diplomatic, official, and regular passport needs of FBI employees and Task Force Officers (TFO) in support of investigative, operational, and training travel throughout the world. LOTU maintains liaison with Department of State's (DOS) Special Issuance Agency (SIA) and consular offices located within foreign embassies in Washington, D.C. and around the United States (U.S.)

Job responsibilities 

  • Serves as the Government's Passport and Visa Program Manager with authority bestowed by the DOS-SIA to manage and conduct related transactions required for overseas travel

  • Establishes and sustains business relationships through liaison with DOS-SIA and consular officers in over one hundred foreign embassies, which is a paramount in facilitating the issuance of passports and visas 

  • Manages an Area of Responsibility (AOR) including one of six overseas regions to include the Unit's offices for permanent assignment

  • Include various duties of the Passport and VIsa Processing Center (PVPC)

  • Manages, coordinates, and processes diplomatic, official, contractor, and passports and visa applications for TFOs, employees, and family members accompanying employees to post overseas 

  • Provides knowledgeable instruction on proper procedures for the completion of passport and visa applications and assumes responsibility for compliance and processing until issuance 

  • Maintains constant orientation and knowledge of changes in policies and procedures that impact various processes related to DOS-SIA and each of the foreign embassies 

  • Responsible for the management, reliability, and timely input of information into appropriate computer applications 

  • Provides secure, timely, and professional courier services to the DOS-SIA, foreign embassies, and other locations around the National Capital Region (NCR)

  • Ensures that the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) information being transported is safeguarded at all times 

  • Serves as the authoritative source of information for the Government's Passport and Visa Program 

  • Provides consultation on policy and regulatory guidance to all Government employees in connection with their official documentation for travel duties overseas 

  • Diplomatically answers related questions and explains procedures and practices that may appear ambiguous 

  • Establishes and sustains contacts including Department and Government employees' at all organizational levels, in the U.S. and around the world, as well as DOS and consular officers and officials in the foreign embassies 

  • Include the following efforts: obtaining required documentation for overseas travel, acquiring and providing information, resolving problems, determining effective solutions to difficult and sensitive issues, and explaining policies and procedures governing the processing of passports and visas

  • Administers and manages a highly variable workload subject to unpredictable changes in volume, complexity, and deadline 

  • Addresses assignments during its many concurrent phases given the passport and visa program's ever-increasing workload 

  • Ensures assignments are given constant attention and adjustments to plans and schedules due to unforeseen development of Department operations overseas in order to be successful  

   Other duties as assigned under Agency's mission purview will include : asset management; mobile phone program; supply program; logistics; Department HQs and space projects; Unit Vehicle Program; tracking professional support overtime; and removal of confidential trash.

job requirements 

  • Must have a Top Secret| SCI Clearance 

  • Must have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution

  • Must have three (3) years of relevant experience as a Passport| Visa Specialist, Management and Program Analyst or Program Manager 

  • Must have a valid U.S. Driver's License and willingness to drive in and around the National Capital Region

  • Must have a minimum of three (3) years analytical and task planning experience 

  • Must be able to clearly and effectively communicate, orally, and in writing, with all levels of the Government as well as entities outside of the organization including the Departments and consular personnel in over one hundred foreign embassies

  • Must possess organizational skills in an ever-changing environment and able to prioritize and prioritize  task and responsibilities 

  • Must possess the temperament to adapt and persevere through " last minute " passport and visa application submissions as well as travel changes

  • Must have sensitivity and understanding of various cultural differences and norms due to interactions with international partners and foreign consular offices

  • Must demonstrate " professional; bearing "  when faced with difficult situations and travelers 

  • Must possess business acumen, be customer focused, and willing to be a problem solver 

  • Must have knowledge of policies and regulations governing the safeguarding and dissemination of information

  • Must demonstrate a high degree of tact and diplomacy while dealing with the various contacts in order to meet the Agency's mission