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MCLEP Instructor and Training Support

Salary: Commensurate with education and experience

Location: Fort Leonard Wood, MO


  • Establish an Instructor Development Course and provide academy support.

  • Provide course content that will be approved by the MCPA Executive Director and in adherence to maintaining accreditation requirements. 

  • Comply with the required standards and certifications, inclusive of annual marksmanship qualifications and Use of Force certifications.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the training requirements for all courses offered by the Academy.

  • Comply with all existing Government safety regulations.

  • Perform collateral tasks, such as a mail clerk for student mail, a student barracks key control assistant, student barracks custodian, a building, IT representative for Government-furnished IT, a barracks/billeting manager, a building maintenance manager, an IT support (re-imaging computers) specialist inside the classroom, and a database scheduler/ manager (RFMSS, TMSS, DHART, DTS, CELEOC, AFJIS, TAMIS, etc.).

  • Execute the BPOC by maintaining the curriculum, teaching the Course of Instruction (COI), identifying required and future training and development needs, developing training programs, conducting training appraisals, devising lesson plans, monitoring and reviewing the progress of students, maintaining student training records, and solving specific training problems. 


  • Must have an Associate Degree.

  • Must have six (6) years of experience in DOD or DOJ law enforcement.

  • Must have three (3) years of experience as an instructor, trainer, and/or training support. Bachelor's Degree is Criminal Justice from an accredited university or college or relevant training may be substituted for experience.

  • Must meet the provisions of the Lautenberg Amendment.

  • Must have three (3) years of experience in teaching classroom instruction, conducting practical hands-on exercises, and testing students.

  • Must have experience working as a Policy and Doctrine or Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert within DoD, DOJ, and/or Criminal Justice.

  • Must have an exceptional ability to communicate orally and in writing.  

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