Administrative Manager I

Number of Positions: Seven (7)

Security Clearance: Secret

Job Location : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

*Employment is contingent upon contract award


  • Ensure the timely submission of employee travel orders and vouchers, training assignments, and other requests in order to comply with government and local policies. 

  • Implement and manage a master project calendar for department business meetings.

  • Arrange the supportive resources for the meeting including virtual access information, provision of dial in numbers, and provision of files for use during meetings.

  • Create and manage distribution list required by management and update list as personnel changes occur.

  • Maintain the given work centers compliance to records management policies. 

  • Maintain hard and soft copies of direction, instructions, and other documents that are required to support documentation audits.

  • Assist with all records generated and control in accordance with records management.

  • Communicate with branch members to identify and track all electronic and hard copy records.

  • Identify standard subject identification code for each record.

  • Create and maintain file plans along with retention schedule for each Standard Subject Identification Code.

  • Properly label cabinets, drawers, file folders, and binders where the hard copy records are stored.

  • Name electronic records in line with the policy.

  • Communicate with records management and records liaison.


  • Must have High School Diploma.

  • Must have one year of related experience in performing clerical duties, word processing, filling, preparing correspondence, data entry, coordinating and scheduling meetings and arrange travel. 

  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Products(i.e.Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

  • Must be proficient in Adobe Acrobat.