75th Ranger Regiment


Project Lead 

Number of Positions : 1

Security Clearance Required: Secret

Location : Fort Benning, GA

job overview

Serve as the Regimental Antiterrorism (AT), Physical Security (PS) and Operation Security (OPSEC) Subject Matter Expert (SME) to the 75th Ranger Regiment. Provides PS and OPSEC expertise in support of the AT program. Project Lead provides analytical and technical support to the 75th Ranger Regiment with drafting, coordination and implementation of the Regiment AT/RPP/ PS/ OPSEC Program. Permits the Antiterrorism Officer (ATO), Physical Security Officer (PSO) and Regimental and OPSEC Officer (ROO) to focus on the overall management of the Regimental Protection Program (RPP), while providing SME that can assist with developing written AT, PS and OPSEC documents such as Program plans, OPORDS, OPLAN's, SOP's, policy, directives, deployment plans and other AT, PS, OPSEC related materials. The SME also provides assistance in AT/PS/OPSEC Education and Awareness, Technical Integration, and Fusion. The SME ensures the integration of AT/PS plans, and policies into the overall RPP program. The SME assists the government in coordinating with USASOC,USASOAC and the their host installations on matters pertaining to the protection of Special Operations Forces personnel. Assist in the development of AT/PS/ OPSEC related budgets, CCIF requests and long-range planning requirements and provides oversight for the development and implementation of Regimental RPP programs. Develops and maintains Threat databases to assist Regimental unites in RPP planning.

Job responsibilities 

  • Have working knowledge of Special Operations Forces tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP), to assess training and equipment needs and to develop recommendations to the 75th Ranger Regiment (A) ATO. 

  • Knowledge gained through operational experience in a Special Operations Forces unit is highly desirable

  • Has experience conducting Antiterrorism/ OPSEC program management and training 

  • Possess experience conducting Physical Security program management and inspections

  • Have successfully completed the TRADOC approved Antiterrorism Level II Program Manager Course at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri or the United States Air Force Special Operations School Dynamics of International Terrorism (DIT), Responsible Officers Course/ RPP2 (ROC) within the last 36 months

  • Other desirable experience includes: 

    • Individual Terrorism Awareness Course (INTAC)​

    • Antiterrorism Instructor Qualification Course (AIQC)

    • Special Forces Operations and Intelligence Course (O&I)

    • Advanced Special Operations Training

    • Other AT and Protection related experience 

    • SOF Operations related courses 

Job requirements 

  • Must possess a valid Top Secret (TS) Security Clearance and shall maintain eligibility for TS Clearance throughout the duration of the contract

  • Must possess Focal Point Program and Sensitive Compartmented Information access

  • Must have a High School Diploma

  • Must possess at least seven (7) years of relevant work experience 

  • High desirable for individual to have served as an Antiterrorism Officer to an Army Special Operations Forces unit of Battalion size or larger (Government) or as an Antiterrorism of Physical Security Specialist (Contractor) in the last five years 

  • Must have a working knowledge of Special Operations Forces Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures to asses training and equipment needs and develops recommendations to the 75th Ranger Regiment (A) ATO

  • Knowledge gained through operational experience in a Special Operations Forces unit is highly desirable

  • Must have experience conducting Antiterrorism/ OPSEC Program Management and training 

  • Must possess experience conducting PS program management and inspections

  • Must be competent in the operation of personal computers (PC), and Microsoft Office software applications including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and website/portal management as an operator