Personnel Security Specialist- Grade 3

Number of Positions : To Be Determined

Clearance: TS with SCI Access

Location : Washington, D.C.

Job overview 

The Personnel Security Specialist provides support, analysis, and research into complex problems and processes relating to Personnel Security. The Personnel Security Specialist will process security clearance and Background Investigation (BI) documentation in preparation for adjudication. The Personnel Security Specialist must perform multiple administrative tasks dealing with database queries, filing, processing mail, and performing audits. 

Job Responsibilities 

  • Conduct background investigations of individuals who would occupy positions where a determination of suitability for employment or access to classified information is required

  • Prepare reports on investigations resulting from interviews conducted during background investigations

  • Draft summary sheets on the results of investigations for all assigned cases

  • In cases of derogatory information, draft a detailed evaluation of adverse information. When information is insufficient to make a recommendation regarding the disposition of the case, draft a list of recommended questions for lines of inquiry for follow on investigations

  • Assist in making recommendations for adjudication of personal background investigation for employment with Government and issuance of a security clearance 

  • Review and analyze various Government investigative files and related material to determine and extract all possible identifying information, matching records, questionable or overlapping elements and other areas of investigative consideration, which could have a bearing on an individual's reliability, trustworthiness, and loyalty 

  • Conduct Personnel Security Interviews (PSIs) as determined during the course of the security investigation, in conjunction with information developed or per the request of the Government's HQ

  • Prepare a detailed analysis of all information developed, supporting analysis and recommendations to initiate further investigation, and any additional security concerns and recommendations based on this information, which would include remedial or precautionary action to meet minimum security standards 

  • Conduct security briefings which include Security Awareness and Hostile Threat. Revise security briefings based on the specific issues developed and security requirements 

  • Advise supervisor of potentially controversial matters or those matters with far reaching implications

  • Initiate or perform extensive indices for the Government checks, arrest record checks, and the like to obtain pertinent and identifying information for the cases assigned 

  • Coordinate with FOs for submission of investigation information. Examine and critically analyze investigative reports and correspondence from the FOs for conformance to administrative requirements as to format and content, and to ensure the investigation is adequate, denoted leads have been sufficiently covered, and procedures have been conducted in accordance with Government regulations and policies

  • Note inadequacies and transmit additional instructions to the  field, recommending additional investigation and the elimination of unproductive procedures 

  • Recommend new methods and procedures for passing and affirming clearances between and among all Federal Government agencies participating in the Intelligence Community in accordance with Intelligence Community (IC) Directives, Regulations, Federal Investigative Standards, and Executive and DOJ Orders

  • Perform security assessment investigations and provide recommendations to Government HQ

  • Upload all official documents into the defined system of record, management, workflow, or tracking systems, files, and sub-files 

  • Serve as expert on project teams

  • Critical thinking  and analysis utilized for completion of written documentation and oral presentations 

Job requirements 

  • Must have a current Top Secret (TS) Security Clearance and must be capable of obtaining Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access that includes a requirement to pass a security CI polygraph exam

  • Must have  a Bachelor's Degree with two (2) years of experience or an Associate's Degree with four (4) years of experience 

  • Must possess five (5) years of experience in the personnel security investigative or investigative analyst  field and experience interpreting Governmental and commercial database checks to identify areas of concerns during the investigative process

  • Must possess experience conducting and interpreting database checks and credit reports 

  • Must possess experience performing routine office administrative support functions 

  • Must have demonstrated analytical ability to critically review and analyze various types of incoming material and investigative reports to discern potential security vulnerabilities and to identify viable investigative leads 

  • Must be proficient computer skills to include : Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software applications ( Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

  • Must have the ability to use the Internet to conduct research and open source checks in aid of investigations

  • Must have performed database searches for information related to personnel security matters 

  • Must have experience with the distribution and update of personnel security documentation files 

  • Has responsibility for security of program data and materials 

  • Must have experience performing multiple administrative tasks dealing with databases queries, filing, processing mail, and performing audits

  • Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills 

  • Must possess demonstrated knowledge and experience to conduct established federal government standards for investigations, background investigations, and security investigations relating to suitability and security standards for potential security risks 

  • Must possess direct experience analyzing investigative reports and other sources of information to identify security vulnerabilities; to develop investigative leads; to propose a recommendation as to the approval, denial, or renovation of eligibility for access to national security information based on the application of the appropriate adjudicative standards

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