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PSL Corrections Policy and Doctrine Support

Salary: Commensurate with education and experience 

Clearance: Secret


  • Assist HQMC PP&O ( Plans, Policies, and Operations ) PS (Security Division) in providing Marine Corps-wide law enforcement and security policy support including Marine Corps Orders (MCO), naval messages, point papers, and other directives and regulations and policy letter development, revisions, staffing, reviews and coordination. This includes drafting positions on orders and directives at levels above USMC (SECNAV, DoD).

  • Assist PSL in providing Marine Corps MP/Law Enforcement (LE) doctrine development including, coordination, revision, review, and development of new and existing doctrine Marine Corps Warfighting Publication and Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCWP/MCRP).

  • Assist in the development of Marine Corps LE future concepts, campaign plans, and other special projects as required.

  • Provide support for law enforcement and operational planning for the development and delivery of HQMC plans, policy, analysis, training, and exercises for emergent law enforcement requirements for PSL.

  • Provide support for the development and review of concept plans, Marine Corps Orders, Strategic Plans, and other SECNAV or Department of Defense doctrine and policy.

  • Be willing to travel in support of coordination meetings, Senior Leader Training Events, Operation Advisory Groups, Law Enforcement Conferences, and DoD Training as required. 

  • Assist Corrections in providing Marine Corps-wide corrections policy support including, Marine Corps Orders, naval messages, USMC Inspector General Checklists, other directives and regulations, correspondence development, revision, staffing, review and coordination. 

  • Must assist Corrections in the development of Marine Corps future concepts, campaign plans, and other special projects as required.

  • Provide policy and doctrine contractor support for Corrections.

  • Provide Corrections with a daily support with Task management within the section.

  • Prepare and submit the weekly Situational Report (SITREP).

  • Prepariting and submit the weekly Leader Notes.

  • Reviewing DoN Tracker on a daily basis to determine equities in tasks. 

  • Prepare all required annual corrections related reports.

  • Assist Corrections in adjudicating current year goals and objectives and development of next Fiscal Year (FY) goals and objectives.

  • Coordinate quarterly USMC Corrections Community conference calls.


  • Must have a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice or Corrections Administration.

  • Must have ten (10) years of experience in DoD Corrections.

  • Must have experience in Policy Writing.

  • Must have completed DoD Level Corrections Academy (advance courses) or, Correctional Counselor Course.

  • Must have Project Management experience and correspondence development.

  • Must have knowledge of IT systems and the use of IT support infrastructure.

  • Must have a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in SharePoint development and maintenance.

  • Must understand PS, PPO&O, HQMC, DON, OSD staffing procedures to include to use of DON Tracker.

  • Must have the ability to manage and track all correspondences to include, information papers, decision papers, briefs, taskers, and travel requests.

  • Must possess expertise in use of office software, such as Microsoft Office Suite of Tools, Teams, SharePoint, databases, and email.

  • Must be able to manage office automation equipment, i.e., copy machines, facsimile machines, networked computers, laser printers, shredders, scanners, and other electronic equipment as necessary. 

  • Must have understanding of and ability to write and revise information papers, decision papers, briefs, and other official correspondences. 

  • Must have the ability to manage an electronic database of all database of all documents produced, to include police orders, directives, publications, and rosters.

  • Must have the ability to manage contact cards for all relevant LE POCs throughout the Service, DoD, and local/state/federal agencies.

  • Must have the ability to manage policy tracker of MCOs/MCBULs, under PSL responsibility.

  • Must possess related certifications from the American Jail Association or American Correctional Association.

  • Must be familiar with these documents : DODD 1325.04 ( Confinement of Military Prisoners and Administration of MCFs), DODI 1325.02 (Desertion and Unauthorized Absence), DODI 1325.07 (Administration of MCFs and Clemency and Parole), DODI 5505.14 (DNA Collection Requirements for Criminal Investigations, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Commanders), DODI 5525.20 (Registered Sex Offender Management in DoD), CJCSI 5810_01 (DOD Law of War Program ), DODD 2310.01E (The Department of Defense Detainee Program ), DoDD 2311.01 (DoD Law of War Program ), DODI 2310.08 (Medical Program Support for Detainee Operations), JP 3-63 (Detainee Operations ), FM 3-19.40 (Internment Resettlement Operations), DODD 1030.01 (VicWit Assistance ), DoDI 4000.19 (support Agreements). 

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