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Physical Security Specialist

Clearance: Top Secret/SCI

Location: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 


The Physical Security Specialist will perform physical security operations for all sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIF), collateral security work areas, arms rooms, and other mission critical assets designed by JTF-GTMO. In order to perform this task, the C3R will possess working knowledge of governing directives, instructions, regulations, and procedures governing the DoD Physical and Information Security Programs, the DoD and DNI Programs for protection of SCI and SCIFs. The C3R will also possess general understanding of the other DoD Security Programs(i.e., Industrial, and Personnel Security Programs) and how the Physical Security Program relates. Tasks include servicing GSA approved security containers; installing and maintaining GSA approved locks; key and lock control; conducting physical security surveys, drafting SOPs, preparing SCIF accreditation documents, and preparing collateral secure work area certification documents.

  • Prepare and submit a JTF-GTMO Physical Security SOP

  • Provide support to the Command Security Manager to implement JTF-GTMO physical security operations in accordance with JTF-GTMO Physical Security SOP

  • Coordinate Physical Security Assessments (PSA) of all buildings and workspaces under JTF-GTMO control and provide recommendations to ensure compliance with command and DoD physical security policies, procedures, and reporting 

  • Conduct physical security assessments of all JTF-GTMO facilities to assess if ESS is working properly and accreditation standards are met

  • Provide recommendations on changes to JTF-GTMO security policies and procedures to the Command Security Manager IAW applicable regulations and SOPs

  • Maintain current databases of all JTF-GTMO facilities, security containers, security representatives, and organizations responsible  for their individual classified processing areas

  • Complete and provide a written inventory and associated SF-700's to the Command Security Manager, of all X-09/10, CDX-09/10 electronic locks, Simplex 900, Simplex 1000 series locks

  • Maintain all locks IAW DoD regulations to include repair, removal and replacement 

  • Capture all lock maintenance procedures in the JTF-GTMO Physical Security SOP

  • Assist in the preparation and maintenance of Physical Security Policies and submit to the Command Security Manager

  • Provide training to security representatives  on the most current knowledge of security policies and procedures

  • Assist in the review of statements of work and blueprints of proposed construction and renovation projects to ensure finished structures provide adequate protection of JTF classified information and assets, as required by DoD and DNI policies

  • Coordinate assessments of facilities at different phases of construction to ensure construction methods comply with command, DoD, and DNI directives directly relating to applicable security requirements

  • Provide alternatives for enhancing efficiency of security through modifications and applications of evolving technology

  • Prepare and submit a JTF-GTMO J2 Physical Security Standard Operating Procedures to include Physical Security Equipment Installation, Maintenance, Devices, and Inspections

  • Establish and implement a Key Control Management Program

  • Must possess a current Top Secret (TS) clearance based upon a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) completed within the past five (5) years, and shall also be determined eligible for access to Special Compartmented Information (SCI) by the Central Adjudication Facility (CAF) or other designated adjudication authority prior to arrival onsite 

  • Must possess an Associate's Degree

  • Must have a minimum of five(5) years of specialized experience in physical security 

  • Must have experience participating as a technical expert for resolving problems in existing security systems and programs requiring innovative solutions including all aspects of physical security

  • Must have knowledge of governing laws, regulations, precedents, and directives governing DNI, DoD and SCI physical security program concepts and principles

  • Must have experience advising top-level agency security and subject matter manager on new developments and advances

  • Must have experience recommending methods for enhancing efficiency of security systems through modifications and applications of evolving technology 

  • Must have experience evaluating and making recommendations concerning overall plans and proposals for major agency and organizational security projects

  • Must have the ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing with a diverse group of individuals, using a high degree of tact of diplomacy 

  • Must be able to conduct and document physical security inspections, safe inventories and lock accountability, and maintenance 

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