Security Specialist I- Badging 

Number of Positions : 2

Clearance : Secret 

Job Location : Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 

important information

C3R is seeking a Security Specialist I- Badging to support a Government client in a Full-Time Contract position to work at United States Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This position is a long-term opportunity and commitment. The assignment is for a minimum of one year due to relocation expenses and arrangements. Selected employees have ability to remain for a period of five (5) years. Relocation and shipment of household goods base housing, and access to government facilities  and services are included ; complete details of allowances and benefits will be provided to qualified applicants 

job overview 

Security Operations Support involves personnel, information, industrial, and physical security; information technology, security systems operations, security administration, and command, control, communications, computers and intelligence security measures. The primary responsibility of the Security Specialist I- Badging is to issue and return approximately 5,000 badges annually from the Badge Office. The Security Specialist I-Badging will prepare and maintain a security inspection schedule plan in accordance with "Inspection Tasks." The Security Specialist I-Badging will prepare a JTF-GTMO Risk Management SOP, which establishes procedures for conducting an annual risk assessment, assessing emerging threats, preparing and disseminating security warnings and alerts, and attending and conducting Threat and Security Working Group meetings. The Security Specialist I- Badging will issue and maintain inventories of JTF-GTMO security badges 

Job  responsibilities 

  • Provide outstanding customer service 

  • Process badge requests

  • Add and delete badge (personnel) profiles in the Lenel OnGuard badge system 

  • Validate security clearance information and visit certifications either in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) or hard-copy visit authorization letters

  • Print and issue various badges to include JTF-GTMO badges, Foreign National badges, visitor and dependent badges, and standard equipment access cards 

  • Participate in incoming and outgoing unit check-in|checkouts 

  • Update and help to maintain the Master Personnel Security Clearance Roster 

  • Track and follow-up on lost badges

  • Issue and track Escort Badges

  • Conduct a monthly inventory of badge supplies

  • Take fingerprints for the access control bio-readers

  • Scan and ad records, such as badge receipt acknowledgments, to the electronic personnel file folders

  • Ensure incoming personnel receive an initial orientation pamphlet and outgoing personnel receive an out-processing briefing 

  • Provide personnel with initial security indoctrination to include completing a Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (SF312) and provide an initial security briefing

  • Assist in preparing and submitting an Annual JTF-GTMO Security Risk Assessment Report

  • For Assessments of Emerging Threats, assist in providing  assessments of emerging threats, assess the potential impact to JTF-GTMO, and identify measures to deter, detect and defend against the threat 

  • Assist with preparing and submitting written security warnings and alerts 

  • Assisting with attending the local Threat and Security Working Group meetings and submitting the meeting minutes to the Command Security Manager 

  • Assist in the preparation, maintenance, and submission of a JTF-GTMO Security Credential Policy, a JTF-GTMO J2 Security Credential SOP, Security Credential Customer Service, Survey card, that implements DNI, DoD , USSOUTHCOM, and JTF-GTMO Security Credential Policies

  • Assist with issuing JTF-GTMO security badges in accordance with established JTF policies governing employees and visitors 

  • Be responsible for safeguarding all JTF security badges and associated credentials

  • Assist with the preparation and submission of a JTF-GTMO J2 Physical Security SOP, which establishes suspensions, lost credentials, and turn-in destruction

  • Assist with conducting entry and exit inspections at JTF facilities including indoor and outdoor locations to include coordinating inspections IAW JTF-GTMO Entry and Exit Program SOPs

  • Randomly screen all hand-carried items entering or exiting JTF facilities to prevent and deter any unauthorized or prohibited  material from being introduced or removed from facilities controlled or occupied by the JTF; utilize electronic scanning equipment when available

  • Immediately notify the Command Security Manager in the event that a discrepancy or anomaly (e.g., transporting classified materials without a courier card, contraband such visual or audio equipment is found, etc.) is identified during the inspection

  • Assist with completing and submitting a report detailing entry and exit inspections to the Command Security Manager 

Job requirements 

  • Must possess a current Secret clearance completed within the past five (5) years 

  • Must have a High School Diploma 

  • Must have a minimum of two (2) years of experience in a related security field 

  • Must have two years of experience with JPAS 

  • Must be comfortable with opening and closing a secure area 

  • Having Lenel OnGuard Badge System Software experience is preferred

  • Must have experience with Government contract project scheduling , tracking, risk analysis, project performance evaluation, and process improvement 

  • Must possess working knowledge of DoD regulations and policies that govern the issuance of Security Badges 

  • Must possess general understanding of how the issuance and control of security badges relate to the Personnel, Physical, Information, and Industrial Security Programs, and the protection of SCIFs.  Work will include administration, interpersonal communications, computer use, data management, and first line maintenance on badge making equipment (e.g., changing printer cartridges, clearing jams, etc.). 

  • Must be able to inspect hand-carried items entering or exiting JTF facilities to prevent and deter any unauthorized and prohibited  material from being introduced or removed from facilities controlled or occupied by the JTF

  • Must possess the ability to conduct inspections that are held at random times and locations and that are conducted in accordance with all applicable DoD regulations and policies

  • Must have the ability to conduct entry and exit inspections for compliance with DoDM 5105.21V1-V3 Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Administration Manual and DoDM 5200.01V1-V4, DoD Information Security Program

  • Must have moderate skills with Microsoft such as Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Word

  • Must have good problem solving skills and the ability to work with limited supervision